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The Adaptability Of Corrugated Steel To Various Environments

Compared with other materials, corrugated steel has obvious advantages, specifically in the strong and low ratio, anti-destructive, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, ease of installation, no maintenance, a variety of environmental adaptability. The use of multi-layer composite panel technology, corrugated steel can be widely used in a variety of sizes and shapes of the structure. In the factory, the specific corrugated steel is processed into a structural plate, and then through the forming and plating. Corrugated Steel Convenient to the entire bundle of distribution, the steel plate is easily connected into a tube, arch bridge, horizontal oval and pipe culvert.

(1) Durability: The corrugated steel has a long service life by using appropriate anti-corrosion measures.

(2) construction convenience, short duration: can be stacked more than steel, Corrugated Steel even in the small construction site, the construction space will be minimized for storage and transportation, easy assembly, construction speed, good quality control, no need Senior professional technical construction personnel, and even no large machinery and equipment. Compared with the concrete structure, the duration can be reduced by an average of 40%.

(3) Environmental Affinity: Reduce the use of natural aggregate, 100% re-use of steel when dismantling; engineering impact is small, flexible structure, suitable for soft soil, expansive land, collapsible land and other ground bearing Lower force areas. Corrugated Steel Wall construction to give both ends of the beautiful appearance of the entrance, giving a broad sense of openness. Reduce the damage to the surrounding environment, save the cost of repair, re-use of steel, does not produce construction waste.

(4) Excellence in economy: Compared with the concrete structure of its low cost of the project can effectively reduce the customer and the construction side of the budget. The simple construction method can significantly shorten the construction period, which can make the whole project completed early and save the maintenance and maintenance costs and reduce the construction caused by the public grievances. Compared with the concrete structure after the completion of its open sense is very prominent, due to lower the use of natural aggregate, Corrugated Steel the demolition does not produce construction waste can be 100% recycling.

Advantages of corrugated steel:

1, the site is easy to install, do not need to use large equipment.

2, a favorable solution to the northern region frost on the bridge and pipe culvert concrete structure damage problem.

3, reduce or simply abandon the conventional building materials, such as cement, yellow sand, gravel, the use of wood, environmental significance far-reaching.

4, the structure of the force is reasonable, uniform load distribution, and a certain resistance to deformation.

5, the use of standardized design, production, design is simple, short production cycle.

Corrugated steel is a kind of flexible structure, has a certain seismic capacity, but also can adapt to the larger settlement and deformation, compared with the reinforced concrete culvert, Corrugated Steel with thin tube, light weight, easy to transport storage, construction process is simple, fast assembly, Short duration and other advantages. The disadvantage is the consumption of steel than the concrete pipe and more, the price of steel prices by the impact of the larger market.