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Corrugated Steel Has Obvious Advantages

Corrugated steel is a solid, durable characteristics of the economic section steel. Widely used in highways, bridges, tunnels, transportation facilities, municipal engineering, Water conservancy and hydropower projects, mine underground tunnels, construction projects, emergency rescue projects and other fields.

Corrugated steel has many advantages, such as: very durable, shorten the construction time, green environmental protection and so on. Apply to a variety of environment, currently in rural areas, urban buildings, oceans and so on are applied corrugated steel. And the service life of corrugated steel is very long, Corrugated Steel which greatly saves the maintenance period of the building, which saves the capital and the environment.

Corrugated steel is made from hot rolled steel plate (rolled plate) and rolled into or assembled by a corrugated plate. The general thickness is 1.6-8mm, steel mainly has Q235 (SS400), Q345 and so on, at present, the common processing methods for rolling and molding two kinds of rolling molding method can be divided into two, one is the first round into a ripple; The other is to shape the steel plate into corrugated tile shape and then put it into a corrugated pipe the first method by the size of the tube and the conditions of transport restrictions, Corrugated Steel its diameter can not be too large, the pipe diameter is generally 0.5-2.5 meters, each section of the length of about 3 meters.

Corrugated Steel Advantages:

Short construction period

Corrugated steel pipe corridor for the whole corrugated steel pipe (pipe diameter <3m) or assembled corrugated steel plate, its material in the factory processing production, on-site assembling, construction speed, Corrugated Steel compared to traditional concrete structure cast-in-place pipe corridor construction cycle can save more than 30%.

II. Price Advantage

Corrugated steel structure is a thin steel shell with simple structure and low engineering cost. Take 4x3.5m reinforced Concrete Pipe corridor For example, the cost of its civil construction is about 80 million yuan per kilometer, and the use of φ4.5m corrugated steel pipe replacement, its civil construction cost of about $MODELTYPE million per kilometer, its function can meet the demand. Corrugated Steel It has obvious advantage over traditional concrete structure in cost.

III. Strong adaptability

When the reinforced concrete structure has uneven settlement deformation, it is easy to produce cracks and other diseases, and the corrugated steel structure has the ability to adapt to the Foundation and foundation deformation, Corrugated Steel so as to avoid the structural damage caused by uneven settlement of the foundation.

IV. Standard Environmental protection

The corrugated steel structure uses the factory standardized design, the production, the structure is simple, the quality is easy to control. Corrugated steel structure reduces the amount of natural materials such as cement, gravel, sand and so on, protecting environment and low carbon environment.

In view of the many advantages of corrugated steel, corrugated steel is gradually replacing concrete. But after all, corrugated steel is just beginning to rise a building material, Corrugated Steel so to be accepted by the public also need a gradual process, and corrugated steel to completely replace the concrete in the sewer, drainage, diversion and other community facilities to a very long period. As the market competition becomes more and more fierce, in order to shorten the construction cost greatly, the corrugated steel will become a trend.