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Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Has A High Productivity

Cold rolled steel is hot rolled coil as raw material, at room temperature in the recrystallization temperature of the following rolling, including the board and volume, many domestic steel mills such as Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Anshan Iron and Steel can produce. Which is called the delivery of steel plate, Cold-rolled Steel Plates also known as box or plate; length is very long, called the delivery of steel called steel, also known as reel.

The cold-rolled steel sheet is made of hot-rolled sheet at room temperature, although the steel sheet is heated during the processing process, although it is cold rolling. As a result of hot rolling through continuous cold deformation of the cold rolling, the mechanical properties are relatively poor, Cold-rolled Steel Plates the hardness is too high. Must be annealed to restore its mechanical properties, no annealing is called rolling hard roll

Cold rolled steel production can provide a large number of high precision and excellent performance of steel and strip, the most important feature is the processing temperature is low, Cold-rolled Steel Plates compared with the production of hot-rolled plate, it has the following advantages:

(1) cold rolled steel product size is accurate, uniform thickness, coil thickness difference is generally not more than 0.01-0.03mm or less, can meet the requirements of high precision tolerance.

(2) Extremely thin strips that can not be produced by hot rolling are available (thinnew up to 0.001 mm or less).

(3) cold rolled products, the surface quality is superior, Cold-rolled Steel Plates there is no hot rolled coil often appear pits, into the iron oxide skin defects, and according to the user's request to produce different surface roughness of the coil (shiny or hemp Rough surface, etc.), in order to facilitate the next process processing.

(4) cold-rolled steel sheet from the very good mechanical properties and process performance (such as higher strength, lower yield limit, good deep drawing performance, etc.).

(5) can achieve high-speed rolling and continuous rolling, with high productivity.