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COLD-ROLLED Steel Plate Has Its Own Unique Use

Cold Rolled steel plate is a kind of material which is rolled from hot rolling coil under recrystallization temperature, and its shape has two kinds of coil and board, the specification is generally thickness is 0.2-4mm, Width is 600-2 000mm, The length of the steel plate is 1200-6000mm. COLD-ROLLED steel plate is generally used in automobile manufacturing, aviation, precision instruments, Cold-rolled Steel Plates canned food and so on.

COLD-ROLLED Steel plate According to its production of raw materials and methods can be divided into hot-rolled pickling cold-rolled steel plate, rolling hard roll cold rolled steel plate, ordinary cold rolled steel plate, galvanized cold-rolled steel plate, galvanized cold rolled steel plate, tin cold rolled steel plate, coated cold rolled steel plate, electrical steel cold rolled steel plate. Cold-rolled Steel Plates Each cold rolled steel plate has its own unique use.

Cold Rolled steel plate is very widely used, the industry involved in the field is very wide, its surface clean and bright, easy to carry out some of the necessary processing, Cold-rolled Steel Plates with good durability, heat resistance, thermal reflectance, weldability and good stamping and so on.

COLD-ROLLED steel plate, smooth surface, good processing, used in automobiles, refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances, as well as industrial equipment, all kinds of building materials. Along with the economic development, cold-rolled steel plate has been called the modern society must material. Cold Rolling Products Classification: Hot-rolled pickling, rolling hard roll, ordinary cold rolling, galvanized (galvanized, fingerprint-resistant, hot-dip galvanized), aluminized zinc, electroplating tin, color coating, Cold-rolled Steel Plates electrical steel (steel) and so on.

1, hot-rolled pickling:

2, rolling hard roll: At room temperature, hot-rolled pickling roll continuous rolling.

Product Features: Because there is no annealing process, its hardness is very high (HRB more than 90), Cold-rolled Steel Plates machining performance is very poor, can only be a simple directional less than 90 degrees of bending processing (perpendicular to the direction of coiling).

Application Range:

(1) Cold-rolled Steel Plates After annealing process into ordinary cold rolling;

(2) Cold-rolled Steel Plates Zinc plating unit with annealing pretreatment device;

(3) Cold-rolled Steel Plates Basically do not need to process the panel.